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Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Greece Trip - 4 days mainland trip

    We decided to join the 4 days tour as both of us did not want to drive and we did not have enough time to do all the research ( everything is pre-arrange in a tour, and we love that).  We left Athens early in the morning on the 1st day and headed to the Corinth canal. Then , we went to the ancient Epidaurus Theatre . When we were there, there were a few secondary students who were performing. We could hear it very clearly at every direction in the theater and the speakers did not even need to amplify their voices.  It is really incredible for the ancient Greek to be able to design such a theatre  with their technology at that time. Sometimes, i wonder are our ancestor smarter than us or is there really aliens who help in all the building up of all these magnificent buildings. After lunch, we went and visit the Mycenae archaelogical site - the lion gate, the cyclopean walls, the palace and the tomb of  Agamemnon. Then, we stay overnight in Olympia.

Corinth Canal
The tomb of  Agamemnon

Epidaurus Theatre 
Mycenae archaelogical site A
         On the 2nd day, we visited the Olympia archaeological site with the temple of Zeus, temple of Hera, the  altar of the Olympic flame as well as the altar of the olympic flame and the stadium. The reasons why we were  interested in visiting Olympia  is because it is where the 1st Olympic game were held and secondly, it is where the god gathered. I am interested in reading the Greek myths and legends since young and was particarly become more interested after reading the Percy Jackson series. Later, we went to delphi and stay a night there. I bought a dolphin ring that s symbolized good luck there.

Olympia archaeological  site

Olympia archaeological  site

Olympia archaeological  site - museum

        On the 3rd day, we visited the Delphi archaeological site and its museum. Delphi was regarded as the centre of the world in ancient time. In mythology,  Delphi was the meeting points of 2 eagles released by Zeus in different direction. Also, Delphi was known as the center of worship of Apollo and as the reputation of the Delphi oracle grew, the sanctuary began to develop into an international center as the Greek city-states brought offerings.It was raining heavily while we visited the archaleogical site. we were force to speed up our pace in order not to get too wet. Thus, i think there might be  imporatant site and information that i might miss out .( =p ) Then we went to Kalambaka and stay a night there.

     On the last day, we visited one of the most amazing, unique and impressive site,  meteora. One will certainly  be amused by the monasteries perched on top of the enormous rock, i was certainly impressed and was wondering how all these monasteries were able to be built. The trip ended with the drive back to athens.

       There are a lot of old buildings and archaeological site to visit in the mainland. However, I prefer island hopping when compare to the mainland tour as i am not a person who are very keen into the history of Greek and the different name of the numerous gods was making me dizzy and nauseated. However, it is fun and enjoyable to listen to the mythology and legend of ancient Greek as long as you do not take it too seriously.

My Greece Trip - Athens

     We spend 2 1/2 days in Athens.  Although we know there are a lot to be see and enjoy in athens, we did not have so much time to spend. There are  ancient historic sites, museums, shopping streets and others. We only manage to visit the Acropolis & Parthenon, some areas surrounding syntagma square, the plaka and the flea market.
     The Acropolis is considered to be one of the world's greatest cultural monument, that is why it was on the no 1 list when we visited athens . Acropolis means the upper city and the monuments was situated on a 60m high rocks. We woke up quite early that day and although it was autumn, but when i get to the top , i was sweating. Along the way, we saw neoclassical buildings, modern apartment blocks and of course the rock of Acropolis with Parthenon at the top. Only 3 lanndmarks remain : the propylae ( at the entrance) , the Parthenon and the Erechtheoin.


On the way to Acropolis

The Parthenon

The Erectherion site
     We have our dinner in a tavern in Plaka, one of the oldest neighborhood in Athens, while enjoying the traditional dances. You could see so many cafes, bars, restaurants and taverns there. I couldn't remember the name of the tavern anymore that we have our dinner anymore ( bad memories since getting older) . We tried some traditional greek cuisine and our 1st ouzo there .

Traditional music & Dance

Traditional music and dance
Traditional music and dance
    The Travel guide said that athens visit would not be complete without visiting the monastiraki's flea market. They offered many stuffs here: greek souvenirs, leather goods, antiques, jeweleries, clothes, music and others. We heard that it will be better to visit during weekend, but we could only do it on a weekday. Maybe that is why we didn't manage to get anything for ourself.

     It is good to be able to see different culture and enjoy different things. If i were to comeback to athens, i would like to visit cape seunion.

Piraues Port at night

Saturday, 26 February 2011

My trip to Greece

      I went to Greece in October last year. Although it is not the favourite time for most tourists as it is not in the summer , my friend and i did enjoy ourselves as we  were able to avoid the crowds. Before we traveled, we were a bit worried since we were merely travelling by ourselves ( 2 females). But our tour agent assure us that it is safe there, and i think she is right , people over there are friendly and helpful, maybe i am travelling with a pretty gal ( i think that helps a lot).

     We went there for 11days. 2.5 days in Athens, 3 days Santorini , 1.5 day Mykonos,  and 4 days in Greece mainland ( Delphi, Olympia, Meteora ) Both of us enjoyed ourselves the most when we were in Santorini.


     We went to Santorini ( thera) by taking an overnight ferry. It was really an experience. Can you imagine the night you were still on a normal harbour and the next morning when you opened your eyes, you were  looking at the black rocks. When we were in Santorini, we stayed at Firastefani overlooking volcanic caldera. It was really an impressive view. The views are unforgettable, but if i would go there a second time, i ll choose  to stay in oia to enjoy their famous sunset, the beaches and the pretty little street there, it is really a photographic paradise. The food were really nice especially their dessert ( as i like sweet food). and there is this famous " Santorini Tomatokeftedes (Tomato balls) " in which one should not miss out. There are  a lot to be done in Santorini. We joined the volcano cruise, went to the black beach, did some wine tasting , enjoy the famous sunset in oia as well as joining the sunset cruise, visit their oldest church and cathedral and shopping ( haa... there a lot to see and buy, especially when they are famous for their jeweleries )

Calderra view
Fira night view

Fira - morning

a street in fira
Fira - jewelleries





Perrisa Beach

Perivolos Beach



One of the pretty houses



Dessert wine

Santo win


Mint lamb chop
The oia sunset

oia sunset

Oia sunset

       I think when we went on vacations, the best ones are often not measured by where one wanders but the companion you are going with, the friendship and the relationship that you forges. The pretty landscape simply act as a wonderful vehicles for all those delightful moments. If i am given the chance, money and time, i ll for sure visit Greece again and santorini will for sure to be in my list.