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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Egg for breakfast, anyone? =)

       Are you bored of eating the same thing over and over again every morning?? Here is a small technique that you can do to make your morning a more cheerful one :

How To Make An Heart Egg.
Steps of preparing a heart-shape egg

Hope you all enjoy your breakfast !!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Another IQ game =)

La la... Here come another IQ game to kill your time:

Peter decide to take a bus to destination A .

In the bus, he noticed that only 1/3 of the passengers paid for the bus tickets. This strange phenomena continue til he get off the bus (the last station of the route). Why is this so?

Last stop

Answer: You can find the answer at the " comment" when you post your answer. =)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Fake egg

The comparison of fake & genuine eggs in The STAR
       I love eggs that are cook in any way: half- boiled, boiled, steam , fried etc. But this article regarding fake eggs make me think twice before i buy any eggs now. This is the original article in the star : 
and these are some follow up actions taken by the enforcement officers : 

     This is how the fake egg was made: 

a) Egg yolk - Made by adding lemon yellow food colouring to a liquid and the liquid is then poured into a round shape plastic mould and mixed with calcium chloride solution that will create the egg membrane. 


b) Egg shell - Made by adding paraffin wax, gypsum powder, calcium carbonate and other materials and leave to dry.

Hardy "fake egg" shell were left to dry

       Just wondering : " Why is there so many fake food in the market these days? " Fake milk, fake sesame, fake grapes, fake eggs etc. I really don't understand what these people who love to create man-made scams are thinking. Why can't they use their knowledge and technologies in making good things rather than creating all these harmful fake stuffs? Is earning money that important until they can hurt others?  I really hope the enforcement can take a stricter actions regarding this matter.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pimples - Those pop ups that i really hate

     Went to a saloon for facial today. Haven't have a facial treatment for ages. The beautician said i have a lot of pimples on my lower chin and along my jawline and this means either i have lots of toxin in my body or i am having hormone imbalance. oh no !! hormone imbalance?! this really scares me. So, when i came home, i did some online research. These are some interesting finding:

Cartoon of a girl with acne breakout

     Some believe that the state of one's skin reflects one's whole being, physically or mentally. Many  BEAUTY expert states in their blogs or articles that they believe the location at which the breakout appear actually relate to certain factors  namely: hormone, digestive problem and stress. These are some common causes and locations of pimples breakout in a diagram.

A diagramme showing the different location of breakouts and its causes 

     There are some factors that might cause the breakouts at my jaw line and lower chin area ( beside the hormone imbalance suggested by the beautician) :

1) Touching the face?( I think this is the main reason)
 - I have this bad habit of resting my face on my hand and touching the back of my neck. This might be the main cause of the breakout. Maybe if i want to reduce the breakout , i need to change this bad habit. But it is easier to be said than done.

2) Talking on cell phones? 
- The oil and dirt on the cell phone maybe transfer to the skin and clog the pores and thus, resulting breakouts along the jawline. This can be reduce by using hands-free and sanitizing the phone frequently. 

3) Not washing the sheets or bed linen enough ? 

     However, according to some of my doctors friends, there is no direct linkage between the cause of breakout and the area where it sprouts, at least there is no absolute proof to that . 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

If you have a time machine

    Ever been asked this question: If you have a time machine, what will you do with it??? You would choose to go back to the past or explore the future?? Usually, people who ask this question always have things they wanted to change, e,g : prevent a break up with a dear one, prevent a disease, prevent an assassination, corrected the mistakes that they have make, or to know the winning lottery number (just joking )

    So, What is a time machine? Wiki define time machine as " a vehicle that allows an operator to travel purposefully and selectively".  

Using time machine to go back to the dinosaur era is cool

         There are many books and movies that elaborate on the function of this special device. For example :

A famous science fiction 
The Time Machine
A 2002 movie

       For me, i really don't know which one shall i choose. I have make many mistakes in the past, but , if i am allowed to travel back in time, will i be able to change the mistakes i have done or will i not make the same mistakes again? ( We all know bad habits are very difficult to be diminish sometimes) And what are the consequences if i do correct my mistakes, will it make me a better person? will i live a better life?

     Well, about the future, I think i don't really want to know about my future by sneaking a preview ; sometimes things are much better with surprises, but, if i am able to know which stock will help me to make more profit or what investment is the best or what disaster that i will face, maybe i will be able to avoid it and live a better life? So, you see, it is very difficult for me to make choice. haa..

        So, what do you think, you want to go back to the past or to go to the future?