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Saturday, 12 March 2011

15 Things To Do when you are bored at home

        Usually, i feel happy and relax when i am at home. At home means i don't  need to work ( this is the best of all  ). But sometimes, i do get bored ( I don't know why and maybe this is the main reason as " wiki " defined Boredom as an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in their surroundings. ). So, these are something that i would do when i feel bored:

  1) Take a nap

  2) Re-read your favourite book

  3) Walk and play with your dog or your pet .

  4) Play with your food

cantaloupe monkey
Cantaloupe Monkey, Adopted from instructable

     5) Take a bubble bath or hot bath 

     6) Throw out stuff that you don't need ( Believe me, this really kill times)

     7) Call and chat with your friends

     8) Make a CD or playlist of your favourite songs

     9) Go jogging , bike riding , swimming etc ( this is so not me)

    10) Play board game

    11) Play a nice, funny prank on someone

    12) Watch some dramas/ movies on tv or com

    13) Read Comics

    14) Play online games / video games

    15) Re-organize your closet

p/s : Let me know what you all do when you feel bored so maybe i can have other things to do when i feel bored next time


  1. when i bored uh?
    emm let see...
    maybe just play console game, watch movie/anime/jdrama marathon, strolling to the nearest mall and do window shopping hehe :)

  2. only window shopping arr blue??

    thought u ll move the whole mall back

  3. yeah, because i just need to get rid my boredom not my money hahaha ;)