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Saturday, 5 March 2011

My Greece Trip - Mykonos

    We went to  this beautiful cyclade island on 10.10.10 ( What an easy date to remember). The scenery of this island is picturesque : white little cycladic cubist houses with flowers, colourful windows and doors, hand painted streets, windmills and lots of little churches and wonderful restaurants and cafes.

     It is very easy to explore in mykonos, even if you do not drive. They have good bus connection and most of the tourists attraction is within walking distance.  First , we went to the town and bought ourselves some gelato ( it is really delicious) then we walked ourselves to the windmills  ( one of the most famous landmark of mykonos) and took some pictures there. We heard from some locals that in olden times, people from all over the cyclades would bring their wheat and barley and be made into flour here. Then , we get ourselves a little drink at the " little Venice' just below the windmill.

Mykonos Town

A street at mykonos town

The Famous Landmark

Little Venice - It is really nice to just sit there and sip the coffee while waiting for sunset

The pool at the place we stayed - a really relaxing place
     Later, we visited Parapotiani church and some museums at Enoplon Dynameon Street. After walking north through the winding small streets of Little Venice, we enjoyed the pretty sunset of mykonos  at the Paraportiani church ( another famous landmark of mykonos).

Parapotiani Church

Sunset at mykonos

Sunset at mykonos
        We also visited the beaches in mykonos. The azure blue aegean sea is a really a great place to swim/ snorkelling.  It is also really good place to relax with its distant music if you don't feel like doing anything as we did not visit in the peak season. We learned that if it is in the peak season, there will be parties starting at sunset. We thought we could see the famous gay couples when we went paradise beach but we saw none but it is still a really good spot to wonder around.

Relaxing at Paradise beach

Paradise Beach

The beach at the place we stayed

    People who like to party will like mykonos. It was said that the nightlife of mykonos  is one of the best in Europe especially in the summer. Mykonos nightlife focuses mainly on beach bar rather than clubs ; but there are still many well-known night-club like Space dance. But since both of us went in autumn and both of us are not really partying , we just skipped it and enjoy ourselves by sitting at the beach at night. 

A view of a street of the main town at night
      Overall, the whole trip was really fun and we enjoyed ourselves a lot seeing different people, experiencing different culture and eating all the delicious mediterranean- food. The only drawback is that both my friend and i have severe constipation during and after the trip. Maybe that is because we ate too much meat and too little vegetables and fruits. We really ate a lot of souvlaki ( something like kebab) until i dare not step into any kebab stall when i am back in Malaysia.


  1. Wow.. I feel like u're walking in the Movie lol everywhere look nice

  2. Ya ya.. it is really pretty .. maybe i ll go back in 10 years time?? i am not sure yet . I met a German teacher who visited the island 20 years ago when i went there =)

    mio can go n make some video there and post

  3. agree, u took the pics very well purpie, i like it :)