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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bored?? Let's play a IQ game =)

Came across this IQ question in the newspaper today :

100 rabbits went to a farm that is full of carrot and started to steal the carrots there.
Rabbit stealing carrots in the carrot farm

 Then, the farmer came out and found that the rabbit are stealing his precious goods.

Rabbit holds giant carro..Rabbit holds giant carro..Rabbit holds giant carro..

 He was really angry and took out a gun . He aimed at the rabbits and opened fire.
Angry Farmer firing at the poor rabbits

 " BANG"  a rabbit was dead.
A dead bunny

So, how many rabbits are left in the farm now??



  So, What do you think?? How many rabbits are there in the farm now?? 99?? 0??  ( Do let me know your answer by posting in the comment column)

   Hmmm.. eager to know what is the answer .... have a look at the picture below:

This is the answer: There is only one rabbit left in the farm. The one that the farmer had killed


  1. survive 99 rabbits cos they can run away, I heard only 1 BANG!! hehe~* left only one in farm that dead one ;p