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Monday, 28 March 2011

Extinction of bees = Extinction of mankind ????

        Was walking in the bookshop the other day and saw this book,  title :
A Book title: A world without bees

    Was alarmed and shocked by some of the information that the books disclosed, so i google search online when i went home and found these articles:

     I came across this alarming quote from Albert Einstein linking the extinction of bees with the extinction of mankind and were cited by many bee keepers :" If the bees dissapear from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than 4 years to live". I do not know how true this is as i could not find any supporting references or evidences about this statement and some reports by others shown that after massive search of Einstein's writing and speeches, they could not find this " 4 years " phase as well.

Will Extinction of bees lead to extinction of mankind ?

   Will the Colony Collapse Disorder ( CCD) face by the bees now lead to " Civilisation Collapse Disorder" in the future if mankind are lack of food??

We are confused, We could not find our way home ---> CCD
     One might think what is such a big problem if the number of bees decrease?? It is just about having to live without honey, and there are many other sweeteners in this world that can be use to replace honey. But, lack of honey is just a minor problem, the main problem is, bees play an incredibly important role as they are pollinators for many fruits and vegetables. Without these hardworking creatures, crop yields would fall dramatically. It is estimated that 1/3 of all the food that we eat relies on bees for its production. For example: apple, orange, coffee, chocolate, nuts, melons and some oilseeds.  Maybe other insects might be able to take over the role of bees over evolutionary timescale, but this will not be happening in a short period of time. Thus, this mysterious wiping out of bees would cause widespread economic hardship and possibly famine until alternatives can be develop. If we do not want to stuck with just grains and water in the future, the scientists,    entomologist and biologists should try to find a way to preserve and increase the numbers of these little creatures. 

With enough bees on earth, We will always  'Bee Happy"

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  1. watch Bee Movie for reference :P

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  3. yeah, just rent one,