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Sunday, 20 March 2011

WoW !! Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

      Was introduce to this chocolate by one of my very best friend. We are those who will share all the goodies with each other since our schooling days. I was not very into the chocolate when she brought me the  pack as my birthday gift and i thought : " oh great! Another chocolate. How am i going to finish all the chocolate inside the fridge ? "  She was a bit dissapointed by my expression ( although i say nothing , but since she knows me well enough to read from my face expression), she keep stressing how much she likes it.

     The chocolate was wrap in a multi-layer/ dry- ice enclosed packaging. It took quite some work to unwrap it but it is worth the trouble of going through all the unwrapping .....

The wrapping and the dry ice

NAMA chocolate - Cherry Marnier

     By the 1st bite of it,  I totally fell in love with it. The chocolate is smooth... sublime .... and most importantly not overly sweet but full of chocolate taste. 

The Royce quality declaration
Freshly made chocolate that only have a shelf-life of  1 month

      This definitely is one of the best chocolate that i have tasted for so many years. Thanks for introducing me to such a yummy chocolate ya , cpg ! ( she even took all the trouble to go to KLCC to buy it before meeting me in Mid Valley so that i could get a fresh one). Thanks again ya my friend ^_^ . This definitely is one of the best birthday gift i receive this year.

nama chocolate
The Different Royce chocolate - adapted from ROYCE


  1. send me some white choco purpie :)

  2. * tele send blue white choco =p

    should really try this choco blue, heard from my friend that the champagne one is even tastier but she bought me the cherry liqueur instead as i like cherry .. think you can get it in indo too =)
    (should grab it before it is out of stock)

  3. never see store that sell ROYCE CHOCO, maybe u should send to my house purpie hehe :P