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Saturday, 5 March 2011


      Today, 7 out of 10 people that you asked around will tell you  that they like coffee and statistics showed that it is the 2nd most widely used drink after water. Some of the people prefer its taste, some prefer its smell, some are just addicted to it and has become a routine for them and some might not like the coffee by itself but the little stories that accompany it. 
Coffee and Coffee beans - adapted from google image

    It is interesting that so many people consume coffee but very few know of its origin  (at least i am one of those that do not know the origin of coffee). So, i type ' origin of coffee' in ' Google' the other day just to know how coffee was being discovered. Coffee can be traced back almost 1000 years ago and there are several stories that explain the discover of coffee in different region but this is the most popular one: 
A goat herder named Kaldi from Ethopia realized that his goats did not return home one day and he decided to go and look for his goats. When he found his goats, he noticed that they were dancing after eating some red cherries from a certain bush. Intrigued, Kaldi decided to try the berries. Soon, he too was dancing around. Around this time, a monk named Aucuba passed by. Aucuba was tired, hungry and was on his ways to prayers. Curious, Aucuba ate the berries too. He was then wide-awake and felt refresh again. Aucuba took some of the berries back with him and mixed the berries with the drink in his monastery. People were awake after drinking this special drink and words was spread and since then coffee is popular throughout the world.

Coffee bean on the bush - adapted from google image

Roasted Coffee bean - adapted from google image

      There are a lot of little stories that accompany with coffee in our daily lives. I still remember this little game that my friend used to play with me and some other friends when we were in college. She asked use : Do you all like coffee? Then all of us gave her our answer. She the told us she thinks that a love story of a man and a coffee is not that much different from a love story between humans. Everyone has their way of enjoying coffee and she can more or less tell us how that particular person be able to handle their love relationship. I know that might sound a bit ridiculous but it was really fun listening to her and all her theory. She said a cup of strong espresso is like a loyal partner who always support you when you need it and an incompetently- prepared cappuccino reminded you of a failed blind date. People takes a while to be able to find their perfect type of coffee drink, some might not be able to find it; while those who find it may remain loyal to it for life or they will still try on different combinations as coffee commitment is not just for everyone and it is the excitement if variety is what they preferred.

     Many of my friends need a cup of coffee to kick start their day. I still remembered this very close friend of mine nearly fainted in the theme park in the late afternoon just because she missed her 1st cup of coffee when we went travelling. Since then, we make sure she gets her cup no matter how busy we are. I , myself is not coffee addict as i couldn't really take much coffee. It is the smell of the coffee that i am really fond of. My heart will start pumping faster than normal after 5- 10 mins if i take any strong coffee and i 'll have this dizziness and light headache. Believe me, this is not a good experience. But still, i cant stop myself from getting near to those good coffee because of its aroma. 

     Coffee indeed is something special , especially when you are sharing it with your loved one, your family and friends. Maybe that is one of the reason why it remain so popular after so many centuries.

Circle of ring, Eternity and Cappucino

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