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Thursday, 31 March 2011

I want a clean public toilet !!

      I keep wondering why public toilets/ bathroom in Malaysia are generally smelly and dirty? My friend from another country who visited me last month said she loves Malaysia ( the scenery and the food especially). But she really dislikes and was shock at the condition of our public toilet even though she has mentally prepared herself after i told her about some "little experiences" of my own.

    She was even more dissapointed when we went to Tesco one weekend, to find that there is not even a single roll of toilet paper in the toilet >.<  and the cubicle was so wet that we thought that someone has just showered there. Also, she almost flee from the toilet because of the smell. I don't know why people just don't flush after they used the toilets.

    You could probably find 2 type of toilet bowls in the ladies : the seats and the squats. My mum used to only go into the squats one until she can no longer do so. The reason :  there are footprints on top of the seats and that looks disgusting. Now, she will bring her own tissue and wipe it before she even start using the seats. I just don't understand how all these people could balance themselves on such a small space without the fear of falling off.

Please sit and not squat on the toilet bowl
 My sister refuse to go into the public toilet unless she knows the place is clean or she saw the cleaners has just cleaned the toilets. She will rather not use the toilets even she is in great emergency. Maybe that is the reason why Urinary tract infection (UTI) in Malaysia is so high. Malaysia is a beautiful country but this doesn't means that it has has a clean public toilet. 

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