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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Traffic Jam in Malaysia

     If i said Malaysia is famous for its traffic jam and toll, i guess many would agree, especially those who live in Klang Valley. Despite the rising fuel price and government aggressive reduction on fuel subsidy in recent years, the numbers of cars never seems to reduce, in fact, it grows day by day. Congestion during peak hour is normal and i understand that. I never expect traffic to be clear all the way, but i also never expect that my car would crawled 5cm every 3mins. I took almost 1 and 1/2 hours to reach my workplace compare to 45 minutes during normal day and i am using the so- called high way.

     What are the causes of traffic jam?? ( just personal opinion)

  • Too many cars
  • The road are not wide enough - during congestion , a 3- lane highway may become 6-7 lanes
  • Accidents ( main reasons)
  • The drivers are sight seeing and not driving
  • Too many Ah beng racing and showing off on the road
  • Highway construction
  • Government planners sucks in urban planning
  • Maybe the government plan to put the traffic jam into Malaysia guinness record (joking)

  Traffic jams caused lots of loss. A lot of money is unnecessarily spent on fuel and people get stress and anxious when they are stuck in the jam. Also, the numbers of accidents would rise and this would caused more traffic congestion and thus, increasing the hospitalization cost due to the  motor injuries and deaths.

     The government should provide better public transport so that people could choose to drive or use public transports during peak hours (Singapore did a really great job on this) if they do not want traffic congestion to become another wonders of Malaysia. Also, many Malaysia drivers need to be re-educate on their road manners ( they are just too rude!!)

     Another thing that we as a driver can do is to check this webapge before we plan our journey :  if we  have more than one alternative to reach our destination as the web-page provides a real- time traffic information for most highways like Kesas, north south highway, LPT , sprint etc.


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